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My Method


Reiki Synergy appears as a result of putting together all my experiences with energy and healing a long the years. I had the opportunity to work with many different people, in different countries, being able to develop my practise, learning new techniques and increasing my abilities to connect with higher forms of energy.


10 years ago I started my spiritual journey out of curiosity about energies, the universe and as a way to channel a force inside me that people felt since I was very young.

It took me to discover one of my life purposes and Mision: Heal & Guide people in their personal and spiritual journeys. Helping them to develop their true potential, bringing kindness and unity to the world.


My dream is inspire and be part in the creation of a better society by helping people on their  journeys guiding and couching them to reclaim their personal power. Showing Kindness, Unity and Love to improve their life experience.

We can change the world, by teaching people hot to connect with themselves, helping them to activate the natural processes in their bodies to restore physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I get thrilled with the idea of creating a happy and healthy future generation influencing now parents and adults to became their best version.

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