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Reiki Synergy: What to expect

Hi guys,

If you have follow my posts, now you got to understand the powerful and diverse possibilities of Reiki

But let’s talk about Reiki Synergy: What to expect?

I bring here a traditional and powerful approach to Reiki

You can be master, but it is a long path and we always will be students in a way.

However, my almost 10 years of experience gave me the wisdom to understand Reiki and all the possibilities around it.

I find joy helping and healing others. And for this reason when someone comes to me I give them all my trust. There is no time or space, just my focus to understand the reason of your unbalances, your issues. And how to work closely with you to find the best treatment.

In order to that, an initial consultation is necessary to acknowledge the specific points where to work and to draw the best strategy to hit directly the root of the problem.

A normal Reiki treatment goes around 1 hour including initial consultation. And it is a good beginning, when we can start seeing your body reactions to the Reiki vibrations.

We also can focus in your Chakra Balance and boost its power with Crystals.

Or put our attention in a Reiki treatment to create the best body environment for Reiki heal Physical injuries. You wouldn’t believe how many patients come to me with back pain or twisted uncles. There is a reason for this pain and Reiki show wonderful results after just a season. Trust me.

However, the most common reason for a patient to search for Reiki is stress and anxiety. Unfortunately modern society brings all this mental and emotional illnesses. But I have good news! Reiki has prove huge benefits in the treatment of anxiety, depression or trauma.

Reiki will give us the tools to be strong and confident again. And I will stay with you through all the process giving all the support needed.

At this point I will take the words of Takata, who helped to introduce the spiritual practice of Reiki to the Western World and use to say: “I can’t tell you, but I can show you”.

Please feel free to contact me with no compromise, and bring your questions and doubts about Reiki.

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