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Why Reiki

Hi guys,

In this post we will explain you why Reiki is a wise therapy option.

Reiki is energy medicine.

We are made up of muscle and bone, yet equally we are also made up of subtle electrical energies and an energy field, that we call, aura.

Did you know for example that the heart generates an electrical field 60 times greater than the brain and changes according to emotional state? It can be measured several ft. from the body.

Reiki treats a person holistically on this energetic level. Dis-ease, pain or negative emotions are present because of blockages in the energy system. Reiki gently breaks these blockages down and begins a detoxification process.

It stimulates the body's ability to self-heal & restores balance between the body, mind and soul.

Reiki brings real transformational, lasting positive change on so many levels.

Recent findings show the amazing restorative effects of Reiki on water, now think, we are 70% water so imagine what Reiki can do for you.

From insomnia, root causes and back pain to transition, anxiety, spiritual awareness, repeated behavioural patterns and trauma; Reiki can aid all of these and so much more.

There are so many reasons why Reiki therapy would be a wise choice.

It can be used for anything and everything. In fact you don’t have to be 'ill' or have a 'problem' at all, aside from its healing properties Reiki is also incredibly relaxing, comforting and uplifting, so beneficial to every and each one of us.

Reiki can be used to find answers, the root cause of a recurring problem and to break cycles.

Reiki can be used alone or along side any kind of medication or treatment plan. Used increasingly in hospitals, doctors report a higher and faster recovery rate in their patients.

It encompasses the whole person; sure we are skin, bone and muscle but we are also subtle electrical energy and spirit. Reiki taps into this and flows wherever it is needed.

Some may perceive Reiki as spiritual belief, or attached to a set of beliefs when it is in fact an ancient global healing system. It is therefore secular.

Reiki gives us an opportunity to listen within. Offers real transformative change. It relies on our natural intelligence to awaken the body's ability to self-heal and importantly it offers a safe space to do that.

I hope you liked and give Reiki a try if you are new to this life change practise.

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